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Talking Human Avatars Text to Video

Boost your conversion rate with a human touch!

Transform your textual message into a realistic high-quality video with a real talking actor and paste it to your site. Just add your text and our tool will transform it in a pro video and provide the code to embed on your site. Our human avatars are super useful to catch the attention of your visitors and deliver commercial messages, tutorials, training or technical videos in a friendly way.

For only $99 (1 time payment), you get our full Human Avatar software and the full license to create unlimited number of talking human avatars. You can also select a full pack plan including this software + our other digital services.

1 Lifetime Payment
Text to Video Avatar - Digital Success: Add the actor on your website

Create professional realistic eye catching human video avatars in minutes!

Use and customize easily our actors to tell your message in a video on your website to boost your sales! Just add your text and our technology will transform it in a realistic pro video. You can even add your own face.

Make a real actor talk and explain how cool and good your services and products are. Use and customize easily our actors to tell your message, embed it easily on your website (it is compatible with all platforms). Our tool is the simplest and most advanced technology to catch the attention of your visitors.

How does it work exactly and how easy it is?

Step 1: Choose your actor style

After buying your plan, you will receive a code, connect to our software on the Cloud, and the actors automatically appear. Choose the one you want, configure your settings : the location of the actor on your page, color of the buttons…

Step 2: Type your text and generate a voice

Simply type your text in the field provided in any language, it will be detected and matching the mouth of the actor talking! You will be able to create as many videos as you want and type up to 2000 characters for each video (2 to 3 min of video). Choose among our 254+ voices. 

Step 3: Add the actor on your website:

Once your actor is created, click on “Instant URL” to obtain the HTML code. Copy/paste the HTML code into your site interface. Your comedian will be overlayed on top of your website content.

Talking Human Avatars boosted with AI - Text to Video - Digital Success

Realistic and convincing voices

Create professional realistic eye catching human video avatars in minutes!

We use a technology called text-to-speech to read your typed text aloud. You can go one step further by matching an AI avatar’s face to that voice, to enjoy both hearing and seeing your text come to life. Our text to speech AI tool uses artificial intelligence to translate information written in a human- readable form in one language into audio, voice, or speech with a realistic human accent.

Our tool is equipped with state-of-the-art voice technology transforming your text in videos with realistic human voices. We offer 254+ voices. You can also import your own voice. Simply type in your text and turn it into professional realistic human avatars boosted with AI in minutes. Your voices can be tailored to create customized voices that reflect specific personas or brands.

Use and match your own face!

With our unique AI tools, your photo will appear on the actor face in a very realistic way, with convincing facial expressions and mouth movements.

From the interface, you can have fun « morphing » your photos without having any special skills. You don’t need to manually define selection points, the program analyzes the images and automatically recognizes the parts of the face that need to be
« morphed ».You just need to upload a photo of your choice and click on the faces you want to see morphed. You can then save the animation.

Our “Reface Pro” Photo System Goes Beyond A Simple Facial Montage. With Ultra-Sophisticated Hardware Capable Of Rendering An Infinite Number Of Details. You will be able to select your photo from the interface and move it on the actor’s face.

Last but not Least: Unlimited number of exports!

When you buy our license, you are allowed to create as many human avatars as you want ! You can also choose and customize from ethnically diverse stock AI Avatars.

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